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At first, Freetsy was a way to express me, to transform all my negative vibes ( sadness and anger mainly), when things were getting very rough in my life, into something much more beautiful.


Let's say that Freetsy was "born" in NOVEMBER 2019.


I finally made up my mind and knew what I really wanted was to live Freely ( that's the origin of the name FREEtsy which equals FREEDOM).


I left my previous ''DREAM JOB'' in February 2020. Then we've been impacted by the awful COVID-19 and have had to face 3 months of lockdown. This is when Freesty came to life.


We officially launched the brand in June 2020 and grew a little community on Instagram full of love, compassion and support. All these feelings always made me surpassed myself and now I have been able to create my official website. I shall be forever grateful to you all for this.


Being a real island girl who just can't live without going to the beach as the sea is my happy place where I get the calmness that my soul needs. That being said it is quite normal that Freetsy shares the same love for the beach as you will note from the theme of our jewellery.


I have always been someone who likes to express what I feel, my heart always speaks out loud. I am who I am and love every bit of myself. And guess what! I shall be sharing more about the love for my passion, my personal bio/experience (contributes largely to who I am today and also Freetsy), the entrepreneur life etc through this blog. I really hope you will all enjoy it and also inspire you.


Freetsy - Pa Per Pou Reinvant twa !


Sending you all infinite love,


Sea you soon 

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