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I will never forget about this day. It has been our very first market and first meeting with some beautiful souls.

Following the launching of our brand in February 2020, at the same time we faced Covid-19 with 3 months of lockdown, we would never have dared to imagine that Freetsy would grew so quickly. We were overwhelmed with so much love and support in a world that is still trying to recover from the disastrous sequel of the Covid-19. That being said, we see it as a blessing in disguise.


This said disease opened many hearts and changing this world into a compassionate one. Maybe also because we take everything or most of the precious things or people for granted. The one priceless thing we now surely value is our FREEDOM.

FREEDOM is the word that gave birth to FREEtsy. I will definitely tell you more about our history as it is quite a very very long one.


Let's stay focused, our first market.

I will never be able to forget the eyes full of wonder of all those who were present that day.

I felt so blessed when some beautiful souls told me that they came just for Freetsy. I shared this moment with one of my best friends when she was working with me. Well, it is worth to mention that I have 5 best friends in all and I love them all so much. My best friend is not working for me for the time being but she is still part of Freetsy. That day, we were amazed to see this dream turning into reality in front of our eyes. This was the exact day that I did told to myself ''Charlene you have a brand''.

I was so proud of me and my journey and this feeling is still quite hard to explain now.

I am sharing with you a little part of what contributed to make this day a memorable one. My best friend came home the previous day ( to be noted that this day I was so stressed and another dream ( having my own shop ) which crashed. I then realised that I should dream small because this step was not for now because I have too many expenses and I could not afford to rent a shop. To resume I was very down and was not able to prepare this market because mentally I was not okay at all. When my bestie came at 6pm after her current job she boost me up and we started making the jewelries for the next day. We worked till 6am on the market day. We then woke up at 8 am to get prepared and we were very late as the market was starting at 9am. We still needed to pack everything. Due to our lateness we were obliged to take a taxi which was not planned. We did not have any cash and had to look for every penny in my room to pay for it.

I remember this sentence I said to my bestie in the car like if it was yesterday '''You know Bling if today we don't make any profit or not much sales it's okay. I just wish we make enough to recover the Rs300 that we paid for the taxi that is my only wish for today and it will still be an amazing experience.''' And this was the mindset we were starting the market. Our hearts were grateful for what we achieved so far.

This day was a real blessing ! Freetsy was a great success and we were the most successful stand among all those who were there. My fiancé (Freetsy CEO as he likes to be called) came to see us to see how things were going on. Well to be noted that he was not a fan of Freetsy at first though he is a very loving and caring fiancé. He was very sceptical mostly because we were planning a lot of things as our home, wedding etc... and leaving my previous secured job to start ''living a dream'' was surely not on his Wishlist. I can say now that he is a real support. It was quite hard to convince him at the beginning that I will make it but he never tried to stop me in my pursuit of happiness. On this special day of our first market, it was the first time that I heard him say such things about Freetsy. Of course he did not say it to me but to my bestie ( He did told me so later too ) that he was very proud of me and of Freetsy.

I will remember this important date 31.10.20 my whole life because this day allowed me to dream bigger, to believe in me and my art. I understood that yes everything does not happen as I wish they should but they do happen in so many better ways. I can't be sure of what tomorrow will be made but I know that I'm making my best to make my way here and that I embarked on an amazing journey and I'm so thankful to you all for this.

Hope that you like my Storytime and here is a little video of that amazing day.

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Love from my heart to yours.

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